Halloween Costumes: Bride of Chucky Video Tutorial

October 30, 2010 / 43105

: : I will be doing a series of tutorials for Halloween, concluding with my costume for this year. Let me know if you have any requests!


(also known as Child’s Play 4: , Child’s Play 4 or BOC) is a 1998 American comedy horror film directed by Chinese director Ronny Yu, who also directed Freddy vs. Jason and The 51st State. It is the fourth entry in the Child’s Play series. The film stars Jennifer Tilly (who plays and voices the titular character the or Tiffany) and Brad Dourif (who voices Chucky). This movie co-stars John Ritter, Katherine Heigl and Nick Stabile. The music score is by Graeme Revell (who previously did the music for Child’s Play 2).

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marks the point where the series takes a more humorous turn, often into self-referential parody. Thus the change from the Child’s Play in the title. Contrary to the previous three films, the violence in is punctuated by humor to deflate the macabre visuals. The film follows the events of the previous films continuity-wise, but not tonally or in a continuation of those film’s overall plot (where Chucky pursued the character Andy Barclay). This film also marks Chucky’s new permanent look, a more frightening appearance in which he was covered in scars.


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