Beranak Dalam Kubur (2007)

April 15, 2009 / 19838

Beranak Dalam Kubur (2007) (2007)

Jessy, Jovan, Titaz and Kalia and Brian are the doctoral students who are make friends. They are doing the observatory for their anatomy task in a hospital. They found a closed and abandoned morgue. It closed forever and there is a new morgue. Because of Brian and Kaila’s act, the five of them get into the room. But no one knows that the room that looks empty apparently kept a woman’s dead body that hide behind a separator. It is hide intentionally.

Since get into the room, they all going through some kind of hallucination things that threaten their lives. First, when Titaz, Johan, Brian, Kaila and Jessy sneak into an anatomy practical room, Titaz was surprised by the awakening of a cadaver dead body. The dead body is the tool for the anatomy practical class. When it arising, it looks like the dead body that found in the abandoned room. Titaz shock. Her friends don’t believe her.But finally. One by one, they all are being disturbed by the ghost of the dead woman in that morgue. There’s no one knows who that ghost is. Until then, Brian and Kaila have to face a death because of the ghost terror. So there’s only Jessy, jovan and Titas left, then they think hard to find out the answer of that deathful mystery.

Beranak Dalam Kubur (2007) Asia Horror Movie
Lately, it’s finally revealed that the ghost woman is Jasmine.

Jasmine leaved her village to chase her dream to be a famous singer in the capital city. But because she disobeyed her mother’s message to guard her honor, she fell down in sinful place. She was being betrayed by a man who made her pregnant. She even died tragically because of being harmed using black magic power by that man. And miraculously, Jasmine can get out from her grave after bearing the baby. But finally they both died. Since that time, her spirit is haunting… with a vengeance.

Can Jessy, Jovan and Titaz hadle that creature problem? When they start to find the bright way to bring back Jasmine spirit, they have to let one of them die.


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