How to Make Spooky and Gruesome Halloween Tricks & Treats

October 30, 2010 / 3787

is the time for spooky and gruesome things and happenings. So, what can be better than a few gruesome treats and tricks on your table? Here are a few ideas for your guests at an adult party…

Things You’ll Need:

* See article for specific items needed for each trick or treat

Instructions / Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Imagine a partial hand floating in the punch bowl –

Take a clean unpowdered latex glove and fill with water, then freeze. Just before serving, immerse in hot water and remove the glove. Place the hand in punch bowl. And, to make if a bit more gruesome, take some red food color and make the water red in one or two of the fingers, freeze this portion first, then fill the remainder of the glove for a hand with a couple of bloody fingers.

Serve a smoking punch -

Add dry ice to your punch bowl to create smoke rising out of the bowl. Be very careful with the dry ice and don’t touch it with bare hands because it can burn you very quickly.

Spider ice cubes

Take a bag of fairly large black plastic spiders (the small ones might be easily swallowed or persons might choke on them.) Wash them well with dish detergent and hot water. Place one spider in each individual slot in an ice cube tray. Add water and freeze. Float these in your punch bowl or use these ice cubes in your ice bucket. You could also add food coloring to make green or purple or black ice cubes and add the spiders or not as mentioned above.. (For black, use a little coffee & use with appropriate beverages so it doesn’t ruin the taste of other drinks.) Make a larger ice round with the spiders – place 3 or 4 spiders at the bottom of a round plastic container, cover with water and freeze for at least 5 – 6 hours, add more spiders, more water and freeze again. Repeat at least one more time. Immerse in hot water and place in your punch bowl. You can also add food coloring to this to make the ice a specific color.

Smoking pumpkin(s)

When you carve your pumpkin(s), poke a series of holes around the top of the pumpkin about 2 inches below the top. Place a chunk of dry ice at the bottom, you’ll have “smoke” coming out the holes and the top of the pumpkin. Again, please be careful with the dry ice and don’t touch it with your bare hands because it can burn you very quickly. A few spiders hanging (push into the pumpkin) around the pumpkin will be very effective.

All Eyes are on the Cupcakes

Ice your cupcakes with white cream cheese frosting, slice black olives in half and place 1 or 2 (1 on the mini cupcakes, 2 on the regular size cupcake) of the olives into the frosting to create the eyes. To make bloodshot eyes, add a red M & M to the center of the olive. (Tip: You might have to fill the olive with additional frosting.)


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